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Photo by  Laara Cerman

Photo by Laara Cerman


Alice Clair

Canadian artist Alice Clair is best known for her collages created from hand-painted tissue paper, inspired by illustrator Eric Carle. The process of gluing the tissue down provides subtle texture, mimicking that which can be found in her most prominent themes: food and nature. Greatly influenced by her late grandfather Quimby Hess’ lifelong study and collection of butterflies, Alice’s mounted tissue recreations hope to honour his memory.

As a new mother, Alice aspires to spark childhood memories in the viewer. From a sprinkle doughnut to a view of local mountains and ocean, her own childhood weaves its way prominently through her work, igniting the five senses. She continues to experiment with a range of mediums and dimensions, inspired by her work as a children’s educator and the young’s excitement to play and explore.

Alice is a graduate of the IDEA Program at Capilano University and the Fine Arts program at Langara College.

She lives with her husband and son in New Westminster, outside of Vancouver, Canada.